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RSM Legends Travel Team

The Legends Basketball Travel Team is an extension of the Ramos Sports Management LLC, and the home of the Ramos Hoops Academy, which was created to fill the need for intensive fundamental, organized workouts and team cohesiveness training. This innovative and effective year round training system with an indoor training center, is sure to give all players the knowledge needed to train the right way, find success and enjoy the game of basketball.

Legends student athletes take pride in have the "MTXE" Mental Toughness Extra Effort mentality. Taking the mentality and applying it in life helps shape not only a basketball player on the court but, a well rounded boy into a man off the court. Discipline, hard work, respect and fairness is the backbone of a Legends student athlete. He will represent his team, himself, family and opponents in such a manner at all times.

We welcome you to our family, now it's up to you to leave your mark and forever be a Legend.

Jose Ramos, Coach

"Remember there are heroes and there are legends. Heroes get remembered but legends never die. Follow your heart and you'll never go wrong."


The travel team is an excellent vehicle where the children get to compete at a high level of competitive basketball. Through game tournaments players learn to apply the physical and mental conditioning that they learn from the academy. Commitment and discipline are instrumental to the success of these travel teams. Games and practices and training are held weekly locally and in the tri-county area.

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