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Meet the Coach

Coach Jose Ramos is no stranger to the basketball community, as a player he attended Miami Senior High where he was a All City, All State Selection, A High School All American, Gatorade Player of the Year and an inductee into the prestigious Miami Senior High Hall of Fame.

Coach Ramos attended and played for the University of Florida and the University of Nebraska, where he guided both teams to the NCAA Tournament. His professional career as a player took him throughout Europe and South America which allowed him to perfect his skills.

He started his coaching career at Florida International University where he recruited, mentored and developed such NBA players as Raja Bell of the Utah Jazz and Carlos Arroyo of the Miami Heat.

Throughout his 18 years developing basketball players, Coach Ramos realized that there was a lack of fundamental and skill development training in his hometown of Miami.


He founded Ramos Hoops Academy in 2009. The Academy is a place where our children can learn how to play basketball, starting with the fundamentals and a strong emphasis on skill development training that is lacking in our State. Ramos Hoops Academy is located in the gym of the Hank Kline Boys & Girls of Miami Dade where every Saturday, boys and girls between the ages of 5 to 18 years old are taught to master these fundamentals along with gaining confidence from our skill development program. Our players have an edge against the opponents as we to continue to have a 90% success rate of our players being chosen to be on their school’s basketball teams. Coach Ramos also recognizes that most young players who play basketball at any level want to excel on the next level. Whether the next level is middle school, high school,

College or professional, a player wants to be the best and that’s where they seek out Ramos’ Elite Training which has sent various players to the Collegiate & professional levels. Coach Ramos partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of Miami-Dade. He has taken their local basketball program and increased the number of children participating from 50 to over 210 boys & girls. We also enhanced the program by adding the Spring League to the yearly Fall League that was offered and continue to see the increase of children from surrounding schools wanting the to join our leagues on a yearly basis.


In 2010, Coach Ramos formed the RSM Legends, a traveling basketball team, which was created to fill the need for intensive fundamental, organized team cohesiveness training. The RSM Legends compete in basketball leagues and tournaments across the State of Florida.

Ramos Hoops Academy will to continue to establish structured programs that teach every child all facets of the game with a strong emphasis on fundamentals & skills training. We will enhance our children’s abilities while providing an educational, competitive and social environment to all participants and continuing to inform our youth and parents the importance of implementing a daily physical activity to promote healthy living.

Our mission is to provide a safe, educational and inviting environment for children that will build self esteem, character development and increase life opportunities. We are committed to raising funds to create a safe, clean facility for under privileged children to have enrichment programs that will foster healthy relationships, maintain healthy habits and excel in school both academically and physically.